Sunday, November 15, 2009

kid obsession

So, something that I've noticed since I've had children is that you become OBSESSED with everything child. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I always for some reason relate it back to my children. I would feel extremely weird and guilty about that, but it seems that other mothers experience the same phenomenon.

What happened for me to become so aware of this in my life? I had a weekend in which I actually got OUT of the house without children to SOCIALIZE (I know. . . I actually had time to socialize! It's an amazing thing. . .). Anyhow, they had a double baby shower on Friday night for two of the teachers on staff (one had her baby 6 weeks ago, and the other is due in January). So, I left the boys home with Brad and went out to the shower. I don't know if the fact that it was a baby shower, and so sort of ABOUT babies to begin with, aggravated the situation, but I spent the WHOLE night thinking about my babies and we spent a LOT of time talking about out children and our experiences with them.

Anyways, that's my story. Not a lot of point, sort of a 'so what?' blog, but that's my recent revelation so I thought I'd blog it.

On another note, the Olympic flag passed through our town on Saturday night. We tried to take our oldest baby to see it, but he wasn't that cooperative about it. My husband ended up having to take him home, so I had to see the flame alone. Well, not really alone, I was with friends, but without my husband and baby :( It was really anti-climatic. I was so excited about actually seeing the flame, but it came through later than I had thought, so I was frozen. Not to mention that the people on the field seemed REALLY unenthusiastic about it. I was really surprised that there wasn't more energy and excitement there. Anyhow, at least now I can say that I saw it, and I can tell Isaac and Andrew about it when they get older. I have to say, I'm excited about the olympics this year. YAY 2010!!